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Zomborg Apocalypse - 006 Zomborg Apocalypse - 006

Rated 5 / 5 stars

me waaaant moooooooooore, moooore....

this is a very nice peice of work here. you know, it's amazing how little effort somthing like this takes compared to those animations that get submitted late at night of a ball taking a crap or something. it doesnt take that much more work, but the results are good when there's someone like you behind the mouse (or drawing pad). But anyway, since there's a cliffhanger (another good installment) i will definately be watching the next one. oh, and i am making some things too, and cant quite figure out a couple of tricks. maybe we could share info. my aim is hughejessel. 5 r.

SPLANKGY responds:

i don't have aim....sorry. i got msn tho!
and thanks for the review man!

Fantastic Tribute Fantastic Tribute

Rated 4 / 5 stars

own those capitalist biatches!

i like it. this is a great peice of propoganda, but try to put more props in the proprganda and not make it so blatant. unless you you just making a statement, in which case, this was great. check my profile. you may use my gif image of Che winking any time you would like to, comrade.

Ezine Almighty Ezine Almighty

Rated 2 / 5 stars


obviously, it's janet jackson. anyway, good to to be reorienting yourself with flash. what was that last animation you made?

How not to rob a bank How not to rob a bank

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Rob Lewis would be proud

I love violence. I seriously havent laughed that hard in a long time. and i've heard it's hard to do blood with flas and i haven't seen blood like that since

this is a wonderful animation. my only quam is that when the "i got him" guy shot at the cop, the glass didn't break. i know it would have taken longer, but it would have been cool. i would love to see more.

Horus - Episode1 Horus - Episode1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

ok, wow. i mean i like the way you put it together and i see many sequels coming, but i just have this huge bias against anything named after Horus. i mean, my name is The_Red_God. at least you didnt name it osiris...ugh. anyway, ots a cool toon...i just, i just dont like the guy who's in it. by the way, anubis is a dog and horus if a hawk. if you're going to use cats, get some bast and sekhmet in there. and use this info if you find it fun:

The all time enemy of Horus is Sutekh(whos color is red). They have had many battles which Sutekh has tried to win through trickery, but Horus has always prevailed. i hope you know that Osiris is Horus's father also, and Isis is his mother. Sutekh is the brother of both Isis and Osiris, yes West Virginia.

maybe you already knew all of this. if you didnt, i hope it helps your series. this flash is crunk, fo shizzle.

Draximillian responds:

I know anubis is a dog and horus is a hawk, the back story was going to explain that only, it was supposed to be originally osiris and anubis, (they turn out to be brothers) so ther was going to be a parrallel there, but by the time i'd realised i'd called him the wrong egyptian god i coulnd't be arsed to rerecord the sound, so i'll have to think of something to explain it, meh! anyways, glad you liked the flash and thanks for the review

Skull Faced Man 2 Skull Faced Man 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I'm gonna go get Shiesse faced now...

The graphics aren't too bad, and i love the style and music, but what came in between, i.e. the story line, was...well it was just bad. i dont laugh much, unless i see little animals get holes drilled in their eyes by candy machines, but i know this isnt funny. keep trying though, i se potential.